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This is magic redesigned for the twenty-first century. Unlike any magician or illusionist before him, Latimer set out to create his own entirely new genre. With an exceptional talent to think across multiple fields of study, he combined all known sciences (i.e. physics, chemistry, psychology, mathematics, etc.) into one high impact live magic show. His ability to consistently create new jaw-dropping illusions has defined him as “One of magic’s most gifted creators” (Genii Magazine). With seventeen consecutive international awards and wins, including his three World Championship titles, Latimer’s illusions are simply on an unprecedented level. From his highly visual and entertaining stage illusions to the psychological blowouts, he has created a magic show unlike any other in the world. In his live performances you witness him shape water into objects and pop them, bend a beam of light with his bare hands, bring a drawing on his skin to life as it morphs before your eyes, and that’s just to name a few of his incredible effects. Whether its his breathtaking effect of “bullet time” with a person levitating in the air while the entire scene is rotating or your puzzling moment as a cloud of smoke forms itself into a shape on stage, Latimer’s magic “…goes beyond the boundaries of what magicians have ever explored before” (Siegfried & Roy). Combining technology with performance, humor, psychology, choreography, and pure sleight of hand skill with scientific advantages has captivated the imagination of the world with what is truly possible. With performances in over forty countries, Latimer is changing the way the world experiences magic.

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